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ID Readers / Scanners

ID Reader is a software solution that enables automatic transfer of textual data from personal and travel documents into various business applications within a few seconds. 

After scanning the document, ID Reader automatically recognizes the document type and extracts all the textual data from the scanned image. When the process finishes, all textual data together with the images will be sent to the business applications. 

ID Reader does not store any data, it only transfers the data from the passport scanner into the application where the scanning process started. 

 ID Reader reads most of the personal and travel documents worldwide. 

ID Reader is based on “image processing” and “OCR” (Optical Character Recognition) technology: 

  • Reads all passports 
  • Reads ID cards, drivers licenses, health cards, etc. 
  • Reads special characters (Š, Ć, Ñ, Ü, Ö, etc.) 

The software uses high-quality passport scanners of small dimensions which are specialized for scanning large number of documents in a short time period. Scanners represent an ideal solution for receptions and similar “front office businesses” where client registration is needed. 

Advantages of ID Reader 

Only one click and a few seconds are needed for all document data to be inserted into the appropriate fields on the screen. 

ID Reader ensures automation of business processes, simplifies creation of databases, less mistakes during data input, higher accessibility of information, etc. 

ID Reader is designed to enhance the quality of your business! 

Benefits of ID Reader

Saving Time

Faster Data Input

Cutting Costs

No More Photocopying

High Accuracy

Reducing Human Tying Errors

Personalization of Service

Increasing The Business Quality

Increasing Security Level

Document and Face Image Saved in the Database

Following are the benefits of renting ID Readers / Scanners from Emirates IT:

Data Security 

We do not collect personal information! The app however does need to process the personal information that is on the MRZ of the identity document. This includes privacy-sensitive information like name, date of birth, personal number and document number. In addition, the app scans via OCR technology for the date of expiry and any optional data on the document, because all these are needed for information processing. The personal information is secured since all the processing is done on the phone. Confidentiality of this information is also protected by using encrypted network connections for any requested communication.

High Performance 

Scanning with ID Scanner/ Reader is way faster than manual input. Mobile OCR also removes any human error from your processes. This means the accuracy of your scans will be higher than manual verification. You can use ID Scanner/ Reader to provide the most reliable service possible to your customers. It provides you with near instant scan results once you point your device at your target. Average scan time takes less than half a second. You can optimize your company processes and procedures by adding the fastest scanning ever to your mobile app. This will also give you more time to focus on other aspects of your business. 

Work Offline 

ID Scanner/ Reader works in real-time, locally on a device, without the need of internet connection. Since the scan happens right on the spot, the data never leaves your phone unless you want it to. All the processing is done at that very moment, right away. This means the results never pass any external servers. That makes ID Scanner/ Reader the perfect tool for completing scans of sensitive information. Based on your demands our software can, however, transfer data to your servers using a secured end-to-end encryption. When using our SDK (Software Development Kit) you can customize things on both ends.

Cost Reduction 

ID Scanner/ Reader works on your mobile device so there is no need to spend money on expensive external readers. This reduces the cost of equipment and employee training. ID Scanner/ Reader’s high accuracy also removes false readings from your processes. More successful scans means more successful transactions. A penny saved is a penny earned. Scanning a passport, visa, ID cards with a mobile device works lightning faster. With ID Scanner/ Reader you can drastically improve your processes and stay on top on your business at the same time. 

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