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With the advancements in technology, the devices utilizing these technologies become smaller. Nowadays, the mobile phones have more computing power than the earlier heavy models. The modern mobile devices are allowing the users to hold the world in their hands by providing access to different information, maps and games. With the rapid increase in the production of mobile devices from different manufacturers, millions of users are utilizing this device for various purposes. 


But, being electronic gadgets, these cell phone devices often malfunction, or some problem appears in it. If you are encountering any issues on your mobile phone, you can call us for convenient mobile phone repair services in your budget. 


Our services include the following: 

  • Resolve cracked screen issues with utmost care and perfection 
  • Solve the internal or hardware issues which are causing disruptions 
  • Solve slow response time and application issue of your mobile phone 
  • Optimize the signal receptors for resolving network connectivity problems 
  • Prevent your device from excessive heating up issues 
  • Resolve battery issues and charging problems 
  • Digitizer repair service 
  • Battery replacement 
  • Front and rear camera repair 
  • The dock connector and charging port repair 
  • Sim reader repair 
  • Speaker repair 
  • Volume button repair 
  • Phone unlocking 
  • Screen repair 
  • Charger replacement 
  • Software repair 
  • Software update 
  • Liquid damage repair 
  • Headphone jack repair 
  • Phone button repair 
  • Power button repair 
  • Phone housing replacement 

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Some common issues of mobile phones as reported by users: 

If you own a mobile phone, be it of any brand like Sony, Samsung, Nokia or Blackberry, someday you might face certain difficulties in it while operating. These problems are common to most of the mobile phones or smartphones. Some of them have been discussed below: 

Overheating problem: It is a very common problem which can occur in any of the electronic gadgets like mobile phones. It can occur due to multiple reasons like overcharging, continuous playing of games, running of high-power draining apps, etc. 

Signal issues:  Some users think that the signal problem occurs at the network level due to the poor quality of service given by network service providers. But, this is not true all the times. If there is any hardware fault in your device or any problem with the software, then this issue might occur. Sometimes, due to damaged signal receivers, the disruption occurs frequently. 

Cracked screen: Smartphone, being a robust piece of technology, is quite delicate to use, especially without tempered glass protection or screen guards. Thus, they are more susceptible to get cracks in it if they get dropped from a certain height. Even if they get slipped from your hands, the screen is prone to getting scratches on it. Sometimes, even when you have protected your screen with tempered glass protection, the screen of your smartphone get scratches and causes complexity Apart from these, there are other major and minor issues which you might encounter at any time.  

Avail our excellent mobile phone repair services to get rid of all device- related issues 

Our team of dedicated experts at Emirates IT Dubai are experienced in handling different issues of mobile phones. Once we receive your mobile phone, we aim to repair it within 48 working hours. However, sometimes, delay occurs due to a multitude of reasons. If your mobile phone needs more complex repairs such as software or liquid damage, then it might take a bit longer to bring it back to the properly working condition.

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Dial our helpline number to solve the issues of your Mobile phones instantly 

If you seek further assistance for resolving the problems of your mobile phone, you can place a call to us at our helpline number: 04 525 0900 and share your worries with our professionals. Our team of Emirates IT consists of expert professionals who can provide you the best services for mobile phone repair in Dubai at a reasonable price. In case you are too busy to talk, drop a mail to us stating your queries and avail quick guidance from our specialists within the next 24 hours. You can even talk to our experts in real-time via our live chat option and avail instant solutions as per your requirement. 

Opt for our trusted services and experience the difference today. 

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