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From the company’s inception, Peplink set out to create the most reliable and easiest-to-use routers. Since then, we have developed multi-WAN VPN bonding (SD-WAN) routers and access points with industry-leading durability, a straightforward and intuitive web interface, and a wide range of features that are difficult to match. 

From home-office users, to enterprise-branch networks, to emergency vehiclesPeplink have helped thousands of customers migrate from traditional WAN to our SD-WAN solutions, resulting in increased bandwidth, higher WAN reliability, and lower costs. 

The Demands of Industrial Networking 

Modern SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems, the ones that manage the power grid, transportation systems, water, pipelines, and our factories, have increasingly distributed assets. 

Increasing operational efficiency requires real-time monitoring that is secure, reliable, and scalable to maintain connectivity to these PLCs, RTUs, Flow Computers, Pump Controllers, Serial Device Servers, Ethernet I/O, IP Cameras, etc. and keep this valuable data available 24/7/365. As the number and distribution of these assets seems to go up by the day, customers need solutions that minimize infrastructure investment (think material and labor costs associated with traditional radio networks) while providing the coverage and reliability required; this is why SCADA over cellular has dramatically increased in adoption over recent years. And as transferring data over a third party network can introduce questions regarding security, the chosen solution must also include features to alleviate the risks. 

The Peplink MAX series of industrial 4G routers are designed to meet the demands of industrial networking. How?


SCADA/PLC network & Remote Access

Data Collection / Metering

SCADA Radio System Backhaul

Remote Site Surveillance

The Peplink Advantages


Rugged metal enclosures with industrial temperature, shock, and vibration specifications and DC terminal block power input ensure the hardware is built and rigorously tested to survive in the most demanding applications. And if your deployment calls for the highest levels of uptime, many features are available to increase your 9s such as High Availability and Multi-WAN, including Multi-Cellular. And this isn’t your grandmother’s Multi WAN tech; Peplink’s patented SpeedFusion technology includes unique capabilities such as Hot Failover and Bandwidth Bonding to push that availability to the next level.


All Peplink products are designed from the outset with industry leading security features built in. With dual boot firmware capability, 256-bit AES VPN encryption as standard, and all of the most insecure features (that often are enabled on other vendor devices) disabled by default, your network is as safe as it can be right from the start. Furthermore, Peplink MAX routers are certified for deployment on carrier private networks or can simply be deployed in IP Passthrough to provide uplink connectivity to an existing site firewall.


Whether the point of connectivity is the field, the office, or the cloud, Peplink has you covered. You can leverage MAX routers, Balance routers, or FusionHub, tie all the locations together, and manage it all in one place. This brings us to one of the biggest challenges with scaling an industrial network for distributed assets – management and monitoring. Manual spreadsheets and individual device maintenance can easily overburden the most capable personnel.

Ease of Use

We specialize making complicated technologies simple to use. Our proprietary VPN technology that allows customers to configure complicated Multi-connection, Multi-Site Wide Area Networks with just a few clicks. InControl 2, our cloud based monitoring and management platform, allows customers to manage thousands of devices through a single interface.

VPN Flexibility – Secure Remote Access

Many of these systems require secure remote access to facilitate a technician to verify parameters or even make configuration changes without having to go to the site. Fortunately Peplink supports not only PepVPN and IPSec for site-to-site secure connectivity but also L2TP which is a great fit for client-to-site a.k.a “road warrior” VPN as the client side is native to all major desktop and mobile operating systems (no specific client software installation required) including Windows, OSX, Android, iOS, etc.
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